In an increasingly complex market situation in which more and more players are using nature and recycling as a USP, it is very important for Bebat to focus on brand recognition and branding, and to associate the brand with a ‘feel good’ factor.

To achieve this, Bebat significantly focuses on sonic branding and the music and the Bebat jingle form an essential part of our brand signature.


Bebat Jingle NL


Bebat Jingle FR


The well-known ‘Bebat music’ is also used for every Bebat radio and TV spot. The soundtrack under each spot is based on the three pillars of the Bebat communication strategy:

  • Communicate positively
  • Only together with all Belgians will we recover the raw materials from the used batteries and create a circular economy
  • The most important reason why we keep ‘doing good for nature’.

The result is a cheerful, ‘open’ tune in which, in addition to a guitar and female voice, you can also recognise all manner of natural elements.