Icons & illustrations


The icons are always constructed in the same way. A thick stroke on the outside and a thinner one on the inside. The outer lines have a line thickness of 2.5 px. The inner lines have a line thickness of 1 px.


The icons are made on a grid of 30 degrees. This ensures that the icons are put into perspective and are therefore a kind of 3D representation of the object.


In general, icons are used that are not filled and therefore only consist of an outline.


Bebat makes very limited use of illustrations. When illustrations are used, this is usually in the context of a specific action/partnership, for internal communication, or for the target group schools. Examples are the Bebat Christmas Card, Batteripedia, etc. When illustrations are used, this is always to support and/or visualise certain messages.

Illustrations can contain both brand and context colours. The illustrations are characteristic of Bebat and must therefore carry the identity with them. The focus is on the brand colours, with the addition of the context colours.