When choosing images, it is important that they fit within the Bebat identity. Images are always linked to nature and a good feeling. Using people adds an extra emotional dimension, but is not mandatory.



  • Natural sunlight
  • Good feeling and optimism
  • No fake lens flare
  • Not too brown


  • Natural green
  • Beam of light
  • Fresh colours: white, light yellow, fresh green
  • Blue sky (not mandatory)
  • No dominant colours
  • No strong colour filter
  • No brown evening sun


  • Focus on an object
  • Background is out of focus


‘Framing’ must also be taken into account for specific use of the images. This is nice to have for some images, but not necessary for all images.

  • Space to put copy on the image
  • Centred subject (adapted on the website; centred on mobile website)