Communication mission

Bebat wants to convince people that recycling batteries is better for the environment, as well as for all of us.

That’s why Bebat will work to:

  • Make everyone aware of how many batteries of what types can be found in homes
  • Inform everyone about where and how to return batteries
  • Give everyone confidence in Bebat, in what we do, and how we do it

, we can work to ensure that every battery is recycled.

And that’s why Bebat wants to promote good habits:

  • Always return all used batteries
  • Return used batteries regularly
  • Remove used batteries from a device when that can be done safely
  • Handle batteries safely
  • Use batteries correctly and sustainably

Communication vision

We cannot collect, sort, and recycle batteries on our own.
We do this together with our collection points, participants, and partners.

That’s why Bebat wants to:

  • Seamlessly take over its members’ environmental obligations regarding the requirement to accept batteries
  • Inform people about the importance of their contribution and what we do with it
  • Make it easy and safe to work together
  • Provide the appropriate resources
  • Share our expertise

, we’ll make a difference. Recycling together is better for nature, and for all of us.