Build & CDN

The CSS and JavaScript defined for this brandplatform can be found on the CDN. On the CDN there are two to retrieve the source code and its assets:

  • Using the latest build
  • Using a build by version

The markup is not provided within the build but is documented and can be found on the brandplatform system. Here the components and other type of building-blocks are displayed. Each of them has their corresponding markup defined and visualised within the component.

Are you curious about what these builds contain? Look no further. Here is a very short summary:

  • CSS
  • JS
  • Assets:
    • Images
    • Fonts
    • Videos
    • Audio
    • ...

DO NOTE that these builds are not fixed or carved in stone to never be adjusted or deviated from. They can be adjusted or more customised for each project to better support the party that is using them.

Latest build

The build defined as latest contains the most recent and most updated version of the assets used on the brandplatform system. They can be accessed through the link below. When accessing this URL, you should see the different folders containing the assets.

  • Replace the ...[name]... by the name of the brandplatform you wish to access.




Build by version

The build defined by version contains the assets from a previous release, based on the version number. The assets are accessible by navigating to the link below.

  • Replace the ...[name]... by the name of the brandplatform you wish to access. For example: 1.0.0.
  • Replace the ...[version-number]... by the version of brandplatform you wish to retrieve the assets from.[name].../releases/...[version-number].../