Getting started

What up!

Nice to meet you bro/girl/helicopter or anything you wanna call yourself!

Wait! Hold on!!! Before you say or read anything or just simply click the close button.

Let me guess, ok?

You have started using the brandplatform and don't get it or having some issues because we did not do a good job, right? When you saw the documentation the first time you were so annoyed by the vast amount of info you simply did not want to read everything, right?? And now you have decided to give this another chance.

... or you just clicked the wrong button and have actually read everything already. If this is the case just forget everything above and continue being awesome.

Alright, lets continue...

Don't worry, I don't judge. I would have simply done the same seeing all this text.

Anyhow, enough of this nonsense above. Don't see this as wasted time, just try seeing it as something else, I leave it to you how you wanna look at it.

The real deal

This manual or gettings started guide contains all the stuff that is present on the brandplatform. Amazing right?! Ok I can already feel you shaking out of excitement in front of you screen, but stay calm and read on. On the top you can find the different topics we cover. So let us finally get started!