Brand colours

Brand coulours

The brand colours reflect and support the essence of the Bebat brand. These colours form the recognisability of the brand identity and always have the same look and feel. These colours are prominent on every communication.

The Bebat brand identity consists of two colours, green and taupe. The green is the main colour and is complemented by the addition of the colour taupe.

The main colour directly reflects most of the brand recognition. By seeing this colour, observers immediately make the link with the Bebat brand.

The additional colour complements the main colour. This colour must be used in smaller quantities to differentiate information.

White forms the connection between the two brand colours.

  • Zand

    • RGB rgb(162,147,135)
    • HSL hsl(26.67,0.13,0.58)
    • HEX #a29387
    • CMYK 34-35-40-16
    • Pantone Warm Grey 7 C
  • Groen

    • RGB rgb(175,202,11)
    • HSL hsl(68.48,0.9,0.42)
    • HEX #afca0b
    • CMYK 40-0-100-0
    • Pantone 390 C
  • Wit

    • RGB rgb(255,255,255)
    • HSL hsl(0,0,1)
    • HEX #ffffff

Hues and context colours

Hues (derived from the main colours) or shading are needed to make the use of colour more dynamic. There are more possibilities because there are more colours to use and so there can be more contrast. Then there is the need to be able to vary the strength of a colour. A lighter hue is often desired as a background and the colour must be dark enough for legibility.

The colours are categorised by name: deep tones, main colours, medium tones, and light tones. The different groups have certain characteristics, which influence the way in which these colours can be used. This includes backgrounds, text, quotes, graphs, icons, etc. Depending on the application (background, text, icons, quotes, etc.), they support the image.

The main colours must always be present to increase brand recognition.

  • Intensify deep tones (e.g. as text on a white background)
  • Medium tones have a natural look (e.g. as the background)
  • Light tones have a soft appearance (text supporting as background)